The Sharing of Experience

Read testimonials from people who have planned and experienced services here.

“Dear Sam, I would like to express my real appreciation for organizing the funeral of my mother. Everything was so thoughtful, accurate, and delicate. It was really touching and much far above all our expectations. Thank you very much indeed. We are very very grateful to you. Best wishes, Sergei”

Sergei February 22, 2022

“Sam and his team were excellent! They treated my family with the utmost respect and made the entire process much smoother during such a hard time. I really appreciate their compassion, their knowledge and helpfulness!”

Steven Pavlovich December 17, 2021

“Our mother passed away the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend -- which was also during the COVID crisis. I wasn't sure if I would be able to reach anyone, but the Yurch staff answered their phone immediately, were extremely kind, and the funeral director called me back within 10 minutes to get us started! They were caring and very helpful throughout, including making adjustments for social distancing and providing additional thank you cards afterwards. We have used their services before for other family members, and have always been very pleased with them.”

Jill Monoc August 30, 2020

“They are a wonderful Funeral Home. Samuel took care of us in a very professional and loving manner. We felt through the whole process that our mother was being cared for and all our needs were being met. Through this process Samuel answered all the questions that we had they gave us the time to make decisions and helped us to feel comfortable. I would recommend this funeral home to anyone who is going through the process of having to bury their loved one. It is already previous to have somebody pass away. It is a comfort to know that those who are taking care of these arrangements are there to help you all the way through the grieving process.”

William Vazquez June 12, 2020

“Great service at a sorrowful time. Very caring. Great attention to detail. Sam Harmon is very kind and understanding. My wife's family has used Yurch for decades. More like friends than A business. A little slow cashing my payment check though. LOL”

St Vincent de Paul July 07, 2020

“The staff at Yurch Funeral Home are truly experts in handling all aspects of a funeral! This fact greatly comforted us during the very sad time of my father's passing....knowing that every detail would be taken care of so that our family didn't have to worry about anything. Sam and the staff was patient, compassionate, and very professional. They even followed up with the family to see how we were doing shortly after the funeral. I would very highly recommend Yurch.”

James Varrone October 16, 2019

“Very professional company. I live out of town and they they went way above what they had to do to help.”

Bo Z.

“Sam was the best to work with and made sure we had everything taken care of in our time of grief. Couldn’t have asked for anything more!!!!!”

Monica Madej May 22, 2020

“During this difficult time and adding on the complexities of the pandemic; the team did an incredible job of handling every detail. The compassion and care that was shown was above and beyond. They arranged everything from the church service to cemetery services, ensuring our small group was safe and yet had the ability to be together. It has been three months now and we still receive text messages to ensure we have appropriate grief counseling if needed. We even received a message they were honoring our mom’s birthday. We can’t that the team enough for the support and delicate care that we’ve experienced.”


“Excellent experience during a very stressful time. Sam and his team were extremely accommodating and guided us through everything. I would highly recommend.”

Jody Acino November 04, 2020

“Our family has dealt with Yurch for over 30 years, first with my grandma in 1990 and recently my mom in 2019 and dad in 2020. They only improve in time. Caring, very kind, detailed and even through Covid 19, very efficient. Affordable and accommodating.”

Clio Gemelas September 30, 2020

“Sam and the staff at Yurch are the best. My sister was a first responder, so her arrangements last Fall were unusual - a caisson to Canton via I-77. Huge logistics ... All went flawlessly. When my mom passed recently. The young lady who cared for her made her look so beautiful and peaceful. Was a gift to us to see her that way, I wondered if Mom was going to wake up and say it was time for church. Sam and Elizabeth also checked on me after Mom's passing to make sure I was doing OK. I consider them family.”

Crys Kaye July 07, 2020

“Hello I just wan to thank you for being with me in such a difficult time ,loss of my father . Thank you for support and service you provided, I couldn’t ask for anything more than what you did. Me and my family is very pleased with everything what you done for us in such a difficult time. Also I wan to say a special thanks to Sam he was there for me when I need him. God bless you all.”

Elena Lukach

“Yurch Funeral Home provided a most professional, well run and caring service in support of my father's funeral. I most highly recommend their services.”

John Kleban

“My experience with Yurch, and their staff, resulted in me saying "This is exactly what I want at this time". From the attitude of the staff to their expert services I was impressed 100%. Staff members like Sam and Anna were authentic and as understanding and helpful as one could wish for. Thanks to all at Yurch for your expertise and commitment to your craft/jobs. You made this experience a much happier memory.”

David Brodowski